Yasir Birjas

Khushoo, Strengthening The Divine Connection

In this Lecture, Shaykh Yaser Birjas diagnoses a malaise affecting our Salah, the second most important aspect of our religion after the Shahadah. He explains why we do not benefit from our Salah, why our minds are distracted, and why our prayers are sometimes mere chores of the limbs. This lecture opens our minds to the causes for the above problems and goes on to propose a practical methodology by which we can strengthen our connection with the Creator. InshAllah, by the end of this lecture, we will be able to recognize the problems affecting our Salah, realize the importance of Khushoo, as well as learn techniques of gaining Khushoo in Salah.
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Abu 'Abdis-Salaam

Salaah - Time To Establish The Prayer

Salah or the five daily prayers is the commandment of Allah after belief in the oneness of His existence. Its importance and relevance in Islam cannot be emphasised enough, such is its status in the eyes of Allah. The difference between the one who prays his salaah and the one who does not, according to the Qur’an, is like the living and the dead. And the distinction that sets Islam apart from all other religions according to our prophet is the daily prayers. It is also a gift and a blessing, as it opened the door to immense rewards and feelings of peace. Its value can be demonstrated in the fact that the prayer was revealed to the prophet beyond the heavens, to be received directly, in the presence of Allah.
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